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Facebook Posts: Approximately per month: Post Reach — over 400,000, Post Engagement — over 75,000, Conversations prompted — thousands, additional Page Followers — over 1,000.

Sponsored posts: over 1,000,000 people reached and over 5,000,000 impressions from September 2018 to March 2020.


Recommendation: “Everyday something different about mental health is highlighted. Everyday is a different opportunity to learn something new or helpful for your own mental health or to help someone else. Everyday is a positive learning experience. Everyday provides hope and inspiration. Everyday provides the opportunity to learn and help overcome the stigma and myths that surround mental illness. ForLikeMinds is a life-saving place experience.” -Carole

Recommendation: “interesting to read, very informative information, positive 100%, genuine concern for people with mental illness. I appreciate this website, great gratitude.” -Shirley

Recommendation: “So wonderful to find support for people who need exactly that ,no sympathy or empathy jus love and support of like minded individuals. Thank you so much for helping me along my Journey!!” -Pat

Recommendation: “Because they are caring and share so much information and love.” -Barbara

Recommendation: “It’s the perfect forum for people like us who silently suffer day to day. it’s nice to hear other people sharing things that only depressed people can understand. It also helps you to see your not the only one that has many of the same symptoms.” -Steven

Recommendation: “Your messages are very uplifting and relatable.” -KM

Recommendation: “This looks like an awesome site! It is worth checking out.” -Betti

Recommendation: “I only watched the video but gave great insight to the struggle of mental illness and the stigma that makes recovery so much harder!” -Pattie

Recommendation: “Definitely a good source to gather tools for any mental illness or any set back in life as well as putting your ideas on how people stay well. Every day is a struggle to manage simple tasks and keep ourselves in check. ForLikeMinds serves as a way to share ideas and pass them along to each other!!” -Yoli

Recommendation: “Very informative and encouraging. Delivered from someone who really understands.” -Char

Recommendation: “I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 25 years old. This can feel very isolating at times when you are going through depression. Mental illness is extremely hard on your close friends and family. Having a community that you can share with is such a wonderful tool to help all of us stay connected and not feel so alone.” -Sherri

Recommendation: “A caring, informative way to connect on this topic that can make people feel so alone.” -Amy

Recommendation: “Compassionate and sincere.” -Steven

Recommendation: “If you or a loved one suffer from any type of mental health issues, this seems like a good resource & source of support.” -Fran

Recommendation: “Thought the video was very helpful in understanding bipolar. Well said!” -April

Recommendation: “I was accepted and you will be too. Sometimes it makes me feel better when I’m not the only person experiencing different situations. To be Honest, I thought I had been kicked out the group because I don’t understand jokes. Being accepted as you are is one the kindest act a person can do for another person.” -Rosalind

Recommendation: “Absolutely brilliant! Amazing! There is hope!” -Lyndsey

Recommendation: “It’s very supportive. Glad I joined this community.” -Ben

Recommendation: “Being bipolar myself i could relate to the video on a personal level. As a wife of a person woth mental illness i can feel Katherines story in a all together different level- thank you for the insight.” -Jaclyn

Recommendation: “I am glad this page is here I really love to come and read other people stories and try my very best to help I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for people with mental illness or anything else. I have PTSD and Anxiety and I lost my son to from mental illness 2008. Your page helped every day.” -Debbie

Recommendation: “I strongly believe in peer support and have seen many people survive and thrive because of it. I see ForLikeMinds providing this.” -Cheryl

Recommendation: “I’d recommend this to everyone and anyone who’s willing to open and seek help and not be judgmental.” -Cathy

Recommendation: Thank you so much for this much needed page. So many of us and family members, friends and co workers are silently struggling with some type of mental illness..depression is mine. Thank you.” -BJ

Recommendation: “Absolutely recommend this page to everyone dealing with these issues. it helps to remove the stigma and helps in understanding.” -Giovanni

Recommendation: “Very uplifting. Looking forward to seeing more.” -Bobbie

Recommendation: “I like that you offer support for. people who are struggling whether it’s someone who struggles with mental illness…caregivers or family and friends..you offer support and a positive outlook..thats IMPORTANT…” -Sharon

Recommendation: “Yes!!!!! I need the thoughts and encouragement of those who have walked in similar shoes of mental illness(like to call it “brain illnesses” or “brain diseases). I want to share to hopefully help others, too!” -Cathy

Recommendation: “We have such a need to belong. When mental illness becomes manifested, we can become increasingly isolated, with smaller social circles due to so many people caught up in MH stigma. ForLikeMinds can offer us a place that we truly need and deserve.” -Eric

Recommendation: “What a great idea for support.” -Nicole

Recommendation: “Very informative page.” -Shannon

Recommendation: “I just like the idea of having a place for people to come to for information and stories and situations that may be any of us may or may not be going through, or just learn how to help others get through this is my first time reading through some of the topics and comments and I think I’m gonna like it.” -Regina

Recommendation: “This is a wonderful page. Thank you!” -Michele

Recommendation: “Wiping Away the Stigma of Mental Illness. Let’s you connect to persons with similar situations or backgrounds. Promotes Hope, Health, and Healing.” -Jody

Recommendation: “Love the personal messages.” -Leslie

Recommendation: “Makes you feel you’re not alone in dealing with mental illness.” -Jayne

Recommendation: “Helps me to better understand mental Illness. Thank you.” -Sheila

Recommendation: “Thank you for sharing your page I in enjoy being here.” -Amy

Recommendation: “Professional and available.” -William

Recommendation: “Compassion and understanding for mental health issues.” -Krystal

Recommendation: “I applaud the effort to get the dialogues going.” -May-Lynne

Small Selection of Comments on Posts

“Thank you, Katherine. You are a blessing from God.” -Maria

“I would like to say thank you for your uplifting posts. They always make my day “feel” better and your words cause happiness which I then spread to others.” -Kat

“Hey my peeps here is a site on the Facebook that I follow and that means a lot to me for several reasons.” -Paul

“I was thinking about how much you have helped me lately since I started reading your posts. Thank you so very much. It makes a big difference to me.” -Susan

“I’m so impressed with your tenacity, passion and ability to network and connect people.” -Sharona

“You are so beautiful on the inside and out. Thank you for all of your love, kindness, knowledge and compassion that you show and share with everyone.” -Beth

“I cannot say it enough. The work you do and support is life changing. Love your posts!!! My best cheerleader! Better than therapy.” -Eriq

“It excited me greeting to see what wonderful things can be accomplished with your vision and leadership. You make me feel hopeful and safe.” -Jerry

“Katherine you are a gift!!” -Mary

“Katherine — you make a huge difference with all that you do, have done and will continue to do.” -Terri

“You are amazing.” -Lynn

“Thank you for sharing. You are helping many people.” -Linda

“It’s a “real” site with “real” from the heart posts. Thank you.” -Jennifer

“Katherine, thank you for all that you do at ForLikeMinds, being so authentic and such an inspiration…!” -Babu George

“Beautifully said. You certainly need to take your posts and make chapters in a book for all to read. It would help so many Katherine.” -Janice

“Thank you ForLikeMinds for this group. It has helped me through some really dark days.” -Karen

“Thank you so much…You do an amazing job. You don’t imagine how you have helped me .God bless you.” -Paulino

“Thank you for always managing to make my day with your posts️. I don’t feel so alone.” -Cindy

“I love all your posts!” -Nancy

“We were blessed the day you were born.” -Lula

“Thank you for all your dedication to those who often times cannot help themselves.” -Lynn

“You are an amazing person. You have a beautiful soul and are incredibly inspiring. Thank you for making my struggle a little easier. We’re all grateful and thankful for all you do.” -George

“I come to this page every day and use it for resources for peer support and wellness in my workplace. Thank you for what you do! Thank you for changing lives.” -Susan

“Thank you for your posts and all of your positivity. You have been a great inspiration:)” -Brandy

“…really good, concise, powerful article about mental illness discrimination” — Tanya

“You have so much great information to share. You do terrific work Katherine, and we appreciate your support” — Penny

“I adore your attitude … its so real and spot on, which makes people with like minds relate and Validate!! Some days are …better then others…always a warrior Spirit!!” -Pat

“I really like this page” -Steve



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We are dedicated to the recovery of people living with mental illness and their families.